Is there an Active Directory Visual Illustration/Diagram ?


A question was raised on ActiveDir, and I learned about an old TechNet Jigsaw on AD’s interworking.


























Along with that, there was a new Windows Server 2008 AD Feature Components which I received at Tech-Ed 2007 and it illustrates the new and improved AD pieces introduced with Windows Server 2008. This poster covers ADLDS, ADFS, ADRMS, and RODCs.



And an additional poster on general new Windows Server 2008 Feature Components that covers TS, NAP, IIS 7.0, Virtualization, Server Core and BitLocker.


Both of the above illustrations and very good quality large size posters (30x20in) and are good to hang in your office/cube. Printing them on regular printer may distort the quality, so you may try the plotter :). All three can be downloaded from the following links :

TechNet Magazine Active Directory Component Jigsaw Poster

Windows Server 2008 Component Posters (both)

P.S This is my first test post using WLW.