What is ADRAP Scoping Tool ?


Microsoft earlier this month released the AD Risk Assessment Program Scoping Tool to public. My look at it tells me that this tool essentially more fancily does what ADRAP Sutiability Scripts did, which came with ADRAP Snapshot Tool, which of course came when you had the official ADRAP engagement. ADRAP could be extremely benefical¬†for any AD environment. Very few people seem to have heard of it and there isn’t a lot information publicly available for the program, so until you have it done you have a very little idea on what the program offers. This tool is to do just that, it makes the program more public, it gives you a quick glimpse of what the program is about as well as it readies your environment for the actual ADRAP sweep, hence named Scoping Tool. Below you will see the simple 8 steps process that runs several checks on your AD environment and creates a nice HTML report at the end which you would supposedly send it to your TAM prior to the engagement. Regardless of whether you will have the engagement or not, I think this tool serves as a quick snapshot into your environment. This tool is however intended for premier customers.










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