New Cmdlets added to Active Directory Module to PowerShell v3 in Windows Server 8 (Dev Preview)



Whereas the total number of cmdlets and functions in PowerShell v3 (all modules) has increased to 2300, particularly in Active Directory Module 58 cmdlets were added and they are the following. Keep in mind that this is pre-beta release and things are subject to change. A lot of the new cmdlets are focused on the new claims based ‘Dynamic Access Control’ in Windows Server 8 and amongst others there is a few for the management of AD’s physical topology.

· Add-ADCentralAccessPolicyMember

· Add-ADResourcePropertyListMember

· Clear-ADClaimTransformLink

· Get-ADCentralAccessPolicy

· Get-ADCentralAccessRule

· Get-ADClaimTransformPolicy

· Get-ADClaimType

· Get-ADDCCloningExcludedApplicationList

· Get-ADReplicationAttributeMetadata

· Get-ADReplicationConnection

· Get-ADReplicationFailure

· Get-ADReplicationPartnerMetadata

· Get-ADReplicationQueueOperation

· Get-ADReplicationSite

· Get-ADReplicationSiteLink

· Get-ADReplicationSiteLinkBridge

· Get-ADReplicationSubnet

· Get-ADReplicationUpToDatenessVectorTable

· Get-ADResourceProperty

· Get-ADResourcePropertyList

· Get-ADResourcePropertyValueType

· Get-ADTrust

· New-ADCentralAccessPolicy

· New-ADCentralAccessRule

· New-ADClaimTransformPolicy

· New-ADClaimType

· New-ADReplicationSite

· New-ADReplicationSiteLink

· New-ADReplicationSiteLinkBridge

· New-ADReplicationSubnet

· New-ADResourceProperty

· New-ADResourcePropertyList

· Remove-ADCentralAccessPolicy

· Remove-ADCentralAccessPolicyMember

· Remove-ADCentralAccessRule

· Remove-ADClaimTransformPolicy

· Remove-ADClaimType

· Remove-ADReplicationSite

· Remove-ADReplicationSiteLink

· Remove-ADReplicationSiteLinkBridge

· Remove-ADReplicationSubnet

· Remove-ADResourceProperty

· Remove-ADResourcePropertyList

· Remove-ADResourcePropertyListMember

· Set-ADCentralAccessPolicy

· Set-ADCentralAccessRule

· Set-ADClaimTransformLink

· Set-ADClaimTransformPolicy

· Set-ADClaimType

· Set-ADReplicationConnection

· Set-ADReplicationSite

· Set-ADReplicationSiteLink

· Set-ADReplicationSiteLinkBridge

· Set-ADReplicationSubnet

· Set-ADResourceProperty

· Set-ADResourcePropertyList

· Sync-ADObject

· Test-ADServiceAccount

My First look at Windows Server 8 Developer Preview version and promoting a DC therein



Yesterday marked the day when an early Windows Server 8 Developer Preview version was released. I spun it up and took it for a test drive, I installed ADDS and promoted a DC and following are some screenshots I took.

image image


image image

image image

image image

After the setup was complete..

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image


After the ADDS binaries are installed, you then promote the server to DC role.

image image

image image

image image

Above was an error about not being able to set the DFL to native Win8 so I went back and set to W2K8 R2 along with the same FFL.

image image

image image

As seen in the last screenshot, enabling the AD Recycle Bin is now possible via the GUI i.e ADAC.

More Win8 Server stuff to follow Smile