Create Active Directory Delegations Report with PowerGUI


Often times you need to analyze your existing permissions (delegations) on your AD Objects within your domain/forest, perhaps you have just taken over an administrative role over AD and would like to quickly surface information regarding what group and user accounts have certain rights across the board in a pertinent domain. With PowerGUI and Kirk Munro’s “Reporting” PowerPack, you can generate nicely formatted HTML files (that expand and collapse) for each object that has delegated permissions within AD.

1. Download PowerGUI 2.1 from here

2. Get the Advanced Reporting PowerPack from here

3. Launch PowerGUI and import Advanced Reporting PowerPack


4. Click on the root node, go to New and click on the ‘Script Node’ sub-menu option


5. Name your script in the Title bar and type the following cmdlet in the body of the script

Get-QADObject -Type organizationalUnit -SecurityMask dacl | Get-QADPermission



6. By hitting OK the report will run. From the Action Pane (right) click on the ‘Create Report’ link, name the report and add the desired attribute you would like to export on the report



7.  Hit OK and and your HTML based report will be saved by default in your DocumentsPowerGUI Exports folder.


You can create all sorts of reports from your AD, do any modifications to your scripts, the format how the Report Pack creates the HTML report and how it generates the data. Download PowerGUI and the Reporting PowerPack and start playing with it.

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